Find suitable employees

«Our motivation will inspire you»

Our proven four-phase method

Gisin & Partner relies on a structured and goal-oriented search process to find the right employees. The use of direct approach as a recruiting method enables the identification of the most suitable leadership personalities. Clear procedures, a predefined schedule and constant exchange with the client guarantee the successful filling of the positions to be filled.

Get to know

In order to guarantee you the best possible service, we get to know you and your company better. This enables us to gain a quick and comprehensive understanding of exactly which specialists or managers our clients are looking for. During the meeting with the relevant person, the position to be filled is discussed together and the requirements profile is determined. During this briefing, the first appointments for the presentation of suitable personalities are also made.

Advertise the position

An accurate and well-drafted job advertisement is the most important first point of contact for you and your future employees. Together we develop a media plan according to your specifications (budget), on predefined channels such as print and social media platforms, which are national and international. You can leave the design and wording to our many years of experience.

Finding employees

Gisin & Partner bases its search for suitable employees on a structured and goal-oriented search process. Based on the jointly defined requirement profile, target markets and target companies are evaluated in a third step and the respective companies are defined on the basis of the requirement profile in order to identify the most suitable employees for our clients. These are also found on the one hand through direct applications and on the other hand through our extensive national and international network. Clear procedures, a predefined schedule and constant exchange with our client guarantees the successful filling of the positions.

Follow-up and integration

The smooth induction of management and specialist staff is ensured by our aftercare service. Before the end of the probationary period, we hold a feedback meeting with both the client and the new employee. Essentially, the aim is to identify positive or negative developments in order to react early on if necessary and find suitable solutions.